3-Trunk Common Ringing Detector

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Model 173W. The 3 Trunk Common Ringer Matrix detects ringing on 1, 2 or 3 land-lines (POTS) and combines them at a common output. That output typically activates a single loud ringer to indicate that one or more lines is ringing. Multiple units can easily be daisy-chained to accommodate more than three lines per output.

There are two output options to choose from:

  • The active line's ringing power is directed to the Bell output pair which can directly drive a single Stinger 90 loud ringer.
  • The AUX (auxiliary) dry contact pair activates locally-powered Stinger 24 loud ringer(s).

Ringing will be detected down to 40 Vac, making this unit compatible with many VoIP ATAs (Analog Terminal Adapters). Combine with the Stinger 24 to bring a loud ringing option to VoIP.

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